Fobo App Core Features

Take photos of yourself and others!

  • Use built-in iPhone/iPad cameras
  • or use Canon DSLR camera with external strobes & lighting
  • All cameras support either landscape or portrait photos (just rotate the camera!)

Use several of our professional image filters!

  • Choose Black & White or Color
  • Glam skin smoothing (optional)
  • Pop Art mode where colors effects cycle as you take pictures

Fast printing with pro photo printers!

  • DNP Printers: DS620a, DS40, RX1-HS
  • Primera Impressa IP60
  • Supports 4x6 and 5x7 paper
    • Including: 2x6 or 2.5x7 vertical strips
    • Paper sizes available in app settings
  • Option to automatically print after each capture, or just tap the “print” button
  • Print images captured by the booth, even go back and print them later
  • Print any image from the device's Camera Roll by importing to Fobo
  • Hold the print button for more options

Share images instantly over WiFi!

  • Share images with customized messages to phones via MMS or email
  • MMS messages via Twilio using a phone number
  • Email with attachments via SendGrid
  • Settings allow you to use any Twilio/SendGrid account
  • No WiFi? No problem. Messages will wait and go out later

HD video Slideshow!

  • Use an external display to show images and animations
  • Each image animates in from the top with a customizable transition time
  • Just select to “mirror” the device screen to an Apple TV

Custom branding & graphics!

  • Select a transparent overlay file with your own logos or graphics
  • Add multiple overlays or backgrounds to create a moving graphic effect
  • You can add a logo of your own to replace the Fobo logo

Finding your photos is simple, they're in the Camera Roll!

  • Still photos render as JPEG files
  • GIF images render MP4 video files and all of the individual frames

Camera settings and color correction!

  • Adjust exposure with aperture, shutter speed and ISO for DSLR cameras
  • Flash / daylight / etc. white balance
  • Adjust color correction, temperature and tint to match the specific event lighting

Chroma key backgrounds!

  • Create still or GIF files with a superimposed background
  • Choose a color (i.e. green) to replace in each frame

Dropbox integration!

  • Connect to any Dropbox account
  • One-button export saves all files from the booth to the cloud
  • A CSV file is created beside the images when the export is finished
  • Also you have the ability to upload the final images in real time as they're taken

Build animation videos!

  • Import images to the Fobo gallery to build an animation video
  • Set multiple overlays to create animated portraits

Simplicity of an app!

  • App settings always persist and nothing is lost when rebooting the app or changing locations
  • Dropbox, Twilio and SendGrid account connections remain
  • All images remain until deleted one by one or deleted all at once
  • Entire booth setup can be removed or reinstalled on the iPad just by deleting the app
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