Printing Photo Strips

All of Fobo's supported printers do support printing "strip" shaped paper, in either the vertical or horizontal direction. Here's an example:

Strip printing is enabled in Fobo by going to the "Settings" menu inside Fobo, then going to "Printer Settings" and selecting either of the 2.5x7 or 2x6 paper sizes. Note: If no printers are attached, the Printer Settings are not available.
Also note: The printer you have selected must have the correct media size loaded in order to print each of these sizes. Rolls of media are usually either 7-inch wide rolls, or 6-inch wide rolls. So for example, to create either 4x6 shaped prints, or to create 2x6 prints you must have 6-inch media loaded. Check the printer front panel for information about ink levels and possible paper jams.
When using Fobo, a GIF is made of 4 frames. If these are 4 landscape-orientation photos, and a "strip" size paper is selected, the app will print a vertical strip (as in the example above).
If the 4 photos are portrait shaped, this will create a horizontal strip.
Most printers we support will print 2 identical strips at once by default. Note: the Primera IP60 only prints 1 strip at a time by default, so if you do want 2 strips to come out you should increase the "print quantity" option to be 2. "Print Quantity" is available under "Printer Settings"
Overlays are transparent PNG files layered over your image on after capture. Overlays for strip-size prints are "half" the size of normal photos. Fobo DSLR photos are normally 3:2 (or 2:3 for portrait-orientation). In other words, a good size to use is 1920x1280 (or 1280x1920), and so if strips are half that, we use 1920x640 (or 640x1920).
If you want to print a different layout, like a strip of 3 photos and a logo, simply make some areas of the overlay image file opaque. In the future we hope to support more customizable layout settings.
Fobo's supported printers include the following printers from DNP:
  • DNP DS40
  • DNP DS620A
In the newest beta version we support these additional printers:
  • Primera IP60
Printers must be connected via USB to the Fobo brain. The iOS device running the Fobo app must be connected to the Fobo brain via Ethernet. Available printers will appear in the main menu of the app. All devices (the printer and the Fobo brain) must be powered on in order to perform printing with Fobo.
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