Syncing Fobo files to Dropbox

Not only can you Export all your Fobo images to Dropbox using the "Dropbox Export" feature, you can also constantly sync all images captured, as they're being captured. This is a versatile tool for sharing files in different ways and it's something we use a lot.

How to sync your Fobo images to Dropbox

Getting it all set up has a few gotchas. Here's what we do:

  1. Enable the "Continually sync" option in settings.
  2. Provide some value for "Fobo upload folder name.
    1. (Make sure to use a full path for Dropbox like "/Fobo Uploads" or "/full/path/to/files")
  3. Make a folder, at that same exact path from #2.
    1. Do this using your Dropbox account at or in the Dropbox app.
  4. It never hurts to restart the Fobo app.
    1. Go ahead and do this now, to be sure any old errors are forgotten about.
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