Fobo + Slideshow

Fobo for iOS with Slideshow

The Fobo app can broadcast a slideshow on an external screen using AirPlay.

To use AirPlay from the Fobo app you will need one of these:

For more info on AirPlay see:


To use your apple TV and airplay over Ethernet

Or, with one of our legacy Fobo photo booth kits you will need all of these:

  • 1x Apple TV with power cord and HDMI cord
  • 1x long Ethernet cable
  • 1x USB hub
  • 1x extra Apple USB Ethernet adapter
    • (That's 2x ethernet adapters total. There's one inside the Fobo kit already!)

To wire our legacy photo booth to the Apple TV do the following:

  1. Inside the booth Unplug the USB plug of the Apple Ethernet Adapter inside the Fobo
  2. Plug in the USB Hub in place of the adapter from Step 1
  3. Plug in both Apple Ethernet Adapters into this new USB Hub
  4. Connect the new Apple Ethernet Adapter to the long Ethernet cable
  5. Make sure the old Apple Ethernet Adapter is still connected to the the Fobo brain via ethernet
  6. Connect the far end of the long Ethernet cable to the Apple TV
  7. Connect the Apple TV to power and to your TV video input
  8. From the iPad, choose to share your screen with the Apple TV using AirPlay
    1. For more information about AirPlay see this note from Apple:
  9. When the Fobo for iOS app sees an external screen it will begin to display any photos you take as a slideshow
  10. To customize the slideshow, use the settings menu inside the Fobo app

Please note: A wireless WiFi connection from the iPad to the Apple TV via AirPlay is possible, but we do not recommend this solution for events as the connection is not as robust as a hard wired solution.

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