Camera Settings

Before using a new Canon SL1 camera with Fobo, be sure to flip it on and check out the settings on the screen. Be sure you have an AC power adapter. These settings will be best to work with our app.

  1. Camera setting: M (Manual Exposure)
  2. Focus points: Set to ALL focus points
  3. Page 1: Image quality S2
  4. Page 1: Beep: Disable
  5. Page 1: Image Review: Off
  6. Page 2: White balance: Flash
  7. Page 3: Picture Style: Standard (Up 1 Contrast, Down 1 Saturation)
  8. Page 4: AF method: Quick Mode
  9. Wrench 2: Auto power off: Disable
  10. Wrench 3: Touch Control: Disable
  11. Wrench 4: Custom Functions: Page 4: AF Beam Fire: Off
  12. Wrench 4: Custom Functions: ½ stop vs. ⅓ stop exposures
  13. Install power supply and place camera inside Fobo
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