Creating Custom Overlay Files

Fobo allows us to combine custom logos and overlays with high quality portrait photos. We can switch out logos easily and quickly by selecting new ones from Dropbox.

To load custom overlays in Fobo, we need to first create a transparent PNG file. We place that file in our Dropbox. Then, from within the Fobo app, we simply import the PNG file from that same Dropbox account.

Fobo has two main layouts by default:  Single Overlay refers to a single portrait and Print Overlay refers to "grid" of multiple images. Both of these layouts can have distinct logo files loaded from 2 different PNG files.

When using the Fobo printer, part of the final image will be beyond the edge of the paper. We have to take this into consideration when creating custom overlay files for photos. About 1.5% of each edge will not be printed.


Other Notes

The default asset resolution is a 1920x1280. Typically we set the cameras to use this same shape and resolution.

Overlays and backgrounds are added in the “Scene Configuration” menu in the app settings.

Advanced: If you adjust your camera's capture resolution, adjust your asset file resolution accordingly. Overlay files are stretched to fit inside the shape of the final image.

Overlay Template PSD File

When we create logos, we like to start with a PSD file that's the right shape and has helpful markings for the standard print boundaries. You can download the template file we use: Photoshop Template File Download

Moving Overlays and Backgrounds

Fobo supports multiple overlays for creating animated graphics. Instead of one single logo or graphic overlay, multiple images can be selected which will “play” in sequence over the photo(s) taken with the booth.

Likewise, the chroma key settings allow for multiple backgrounds to be added into green screens, to create a “moving” background behind guests photographed at the booth. These settings can also be combined for exciting effects with moving backgrounds and overlays.

To avoid exceeding text message file size limits, there should be no more than 16 frames applied to moving overlays and backgrounds. Make sure to test your files if you want to use texting at an event, in general max file size is about 0.5 MB for texting. Email is a good solution for sending file sizes larger than 0.5 MB.

For a demo on how to set this up watch this video and try it for yourself with these sample files.

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