Making Connections

iPad-to-Ethernet Adapters

The Fobo App connects to the Fobo Brain via an Ethernet Cable. See the diagram above. This requires different adapters depending on what kind of iPad you have. The goal is to get from the charging port of your iPad to the Ethernet Port of the Fobo Brain. That's it.

For an iPad with a lightning port you will need:

  • Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter
  • Compatible USB to Ethernet adapter

For an iPad with a USB-C port you will need:

  • USB-C to USB-A adapter with charging port
  • Compatible USB to Ethernet adapter
  • -or- a 3rd party adapter which combines these things.

Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter:

Apple USB-C AV Multiport Adapter:

Compatible USB-to-Ethernet adapters:
Apple USB to Ethernet adapter
Anker USB to Ethernet adapter
Anker USB Hub with Ethernet

Combined option for USB-C only:
Kanex USB-C Ethernet and Power Delivery in one piece:

More info about using USB with iPad:

A note about your iPad power supply

Be sure to use a power supply “strong” enough for your device. For example, iPad Mini 4 requires a 12W power supply. Using a 10W power supply (or using an off-brand power supply that isn't truly 12W) with the iPad Mini 4 will cause malfunctions. Using a power supply that is rated for a “higher” wattage is fine.

See also: Error: Cannot Use Accessory

A note about using ferrite cores with USB cables

It is highly recommended that any USB cables you use with your camera or printer should include a ferrite core. See the illustration below. This “core” will reduce the “interference” or “noise” that otherwise will be picked up by nearby signals, like electric motors, two-way radios, WiFi routers or bluetooth devices. These cores can be purchased online or from us. Just let us know if you need to order some:

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